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Katie and Shane Condron owner of Fitness Inc Training Studios

Katie and Shane Condron


Katie and Shane first met at Rutgers where they were both pursuing degrees in Exercise Science and Sports Studies. After graduating with their respective degrees, they dove head first into the field of Personal Training gathering the knowledge and experience needed to become masters in the field. In 2012 Katie and Shane decided it was finally time to create a fun environment that offered the highest level of programming and coaching for clients of all levels, and opened Fitness Inc Training Studios.


Shane Condron


Favorite exercise: Deadlifts

Favorite movie: Commando

Career beginnings: I first began my career training at various large box gyms all over Union County. After 5 years in the box gym setting I then transitioned to a small studio in Westfield New Jersey where I worked for 3 years until I decided to pursue the dream of owning my own business. 5 years ago we opened the doors to Fitness Inc.

Certs/ degrees: B.S Exercise Science from Rutgers

Certifications: Functional Movement Screen, Functional Range Conditioning, Precision Nutrition

Favorite food: Tacos…. All the Tacos

Spirit animal: Porpoise

Hobbies: Trout Fishing, trying new foods (sans mayonnaise), and the pursuit of finding big foot

Biggest Fears: Deli Meat and Snakes

Katie Condron coach at Fitness Inc Training Studios

Katie Condron


Favorite exercise: Get-Ups!!!

Favorite movies: Super Troopers, Zoolander, The Notebook

Career beginnings: ‘Mousercise’ in my younger days, and various box gyms throughout and after college.

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ).

Certifications: Functional Movement Screen, Functional Range Conditioning, Precision Nutrition

Favorite Food: any Mexican food with a margarita

Spirit animal: Bulldog

Hobbies: Bike rides, shopping, and of course taking afternoon naps with my bulldogs

Favorite Places: 1. Mexico, 2. Key West, and 3. Island Beach State Park


Neal Snyder


Favorite exercise: Push-Ups

Favorite movie: American Movie

Career beginnings: In 2007 while taking a break from my engineering career I walked into the gym and the owner asked, “You like to help people out here, do you want to be a trainer – we’re hiring.” I said, “YES!”, and got my training certification. Since then I have loved every day of it and later went on to become a training manager for Equinox’s flagship locations in NYC. I left Equinox in early 2017 to join the amazing Fitness Inc program and get back to my coaching roots.

Certs/ degrees: B.E. Computer Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer.

Certifications: RKC Kettlebell Cert, Functional Movement Screen 1 & 2 & CK-FMS, Precision Nutrition Level 2, Orginal Strength, Primal Move, Strength Matters Kettlebell Cert, Animal Flow, and more.

Favorite food: Coffee

Spirit animal: Keyboard Cat

Hobbies: Playing the guitar, reading, working on my house and growing my power tool collection, listening to records.

Most watched Mystery Science 3000 movie: – Jack Frost


Ayomide Oguntuase


Favorite movies: Lord of the rings: Two Towers

Favorite exercise: barbell deadlift

Career beginnings: GhentFit Norfolk, Norfolk Virginia

Degree: B.S. Biology(Pre-med track), M.S. Biomedical Science

Cerifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Nutritionist, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

Favorite food: Pizza, cinnamon rolls a close second

Spirit animal: lion

Hobbies: sleeping, eating, training, and hiking all in that order

Favorite places: My fridge and my bed, but actual location- Virginia Beach Virginia

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